Magnolia Charter High School has a designed college mentorship and leadership program for the students. The purpose of this program is to help the qualified students in improving their skills in academics, athletics, charter education and leadership and voluntary public service.

We believe that if a collaborative and cooperative learning environment is provided to the students, they can largely excel in their academics and reach their full intellectual, emotional and mental potentials. We work on a long-term mentor and mentee relationship that can encourage and equipment the students for a lifelong learning.  We have weekly, monthly and annual benchmarks set for the students.

Extra-Circular Activities

We don’t just follow an academic program for the students, we also believe in extra-curricular activities such as:

  • Clubs and activities 
  • Work permit 
  • Participation in social events 
  • Field trips 

Student Scholarships

We offer scholarships to the students who have the desire for pursing knowledge and excellence and contribute their proactive ideas in the learning environment. Our scholarships are offered through project based learning by using student portfolios, constructive approach, academic discourse and argumentative writing. The students will be prepared enough to understand how they can advance to their academic pursuits and societal contributions. 


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