Thursday, 21 April 2016

Magnolia LAUSD's view on STEAM Based Education in All Campuses

What are the Advantages of STEAM Based Education?

STEM to STEAM based education movement is going in the positive direction and it will be very beneficial in this complex economy scenario. Earlier, STEM education was missing few crucial components and that is why it is now modified from STEM to STEAM.

So, what is exactly STEAM based education?

Well, it is an amazing approach of learning that incorporates Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts & Mathematics so that students can gain a great vision to see things in a creative manner. By integrating STEAM based education, students will be able to take thoughtful risks in experiential learning, they will have better problem-solving skills, embrace collaboration and work more creatively in their life. In short, it can be said that STEAM is a teaching framework that is base on all the natural methods of learning and even customizable for all kinds of students.

Advantages of STEAM based education

  • By integrating STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, ART and Mathematics) subjects into our education system, we can be assured that creativity of every student would proper.
  • STEAM based education will make the students excel not only in studies but in every career they pursue in future. Students can lot easily choose right career path according to their skills.
  • It is true that learning like an engineer is a great approach but other subjects such as ARTS can also inculcate amazing approaches of thinking among students.
  • The job markets in Science, Engineering, Math and Technology will increase by incorporating STEAM based education.
  • Employers will no more need to struggle for filling the technical and science-related job vacancies. They will easily get the local talent and thus unemployment rate will be reduced.
  • Inculcating STEAM based education will boost the performance of students and thus they can achieve all the parameters that are essential to becoming a first class graduate.
  • STEAM based education is actually a natural way of learning and is customizable for different kinds of students.
  • Shifting to a STEAM perspective means understanding learning contextually; not only in terms of having a framework that illustrates where the subjects overlap but also in providing a living and adaptable learning structure for ever-changing personal and global development.
  • More and more schools have started utilizing STEAM based education in schools and showing great success levels as well. It will definitely create a reality-based learning environment which would be very beneficial for whole society.

STEAM based education is the ultimate way of which every student can imagine themselves as scientist and engineer which will eventually boost their confidence amazingly! For more information on Magnolia LAUSD, please visit

Tuesday, 1 March 2016


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